Instructions for Downloading & Installing Presets

  1. You can download the presets file from the payment confirmation page after you have checked out OR you will receive an email that includes a link to your order to download the presets.  You can download the presets two times.
  2. From your phone click on the download link.
  3. Go to the files folder on iPhone. The .zip file will be there labeled JANAE ROBERTS PRESETS.ZIP

  4. Click the .ZIP file to unzip the files into a folder

  5. Open the folder with the unzipped files

  6. Select one of the files to open it and click the share button in the bottom left.  Scroll to find the Lightroom app and select the app.

  7. After you choose the app you will get a confirmation.  Select "Launch Lightroom Now"

  8. Lightroom will open the file (it will be the picture shown below).

  9. Click the menu at top right and select Create Preset

  10. Name the preset.

  11. YOU'RE DONE!  Enjoy the presets.